ss Great Britain

Great Western Dock, Gas Ferry Road, Bristol BS1 6TY
0117 926 0680

Designed by I.K. Brunel, s.s. Great Britain was the first of the great steamships when launched from Bristol in 1843. As the world's biggest ship she embarked on a varied career, first as a luxury liner carrying passengers to New York and Melbourne, then as a ferry carrying troops to the Crimea and India, and finally as a cargo ship, before being abandoned in the Falkand Islands in 1886. She is now being restored to her original appearance at the Great Western Dock in which she was built 'Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion'.

Open every day from 10.00, with 4.30 closing from 1st November until 31st March and 5.30 from 1st April until 31st October - the only days we are closed are Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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