Bristol Barber Co.
17 The Mall, Clifton
Tel 9806 466

Don't just come along without an appointment unless you live near by since there's quite a good chance you'll have to wait.

Clifton Hair Company
Queen's Road, Clifton, BS8.
Tel 9735 420

Chic unisex salon close to the Students' Union. Friendly management who will readily offer advice if you are looking for something new.

Byron Place, Triangle, BS1.
Tel 9299 818

The most masculine cut possible. The mags to read are a selection of the latest GQ, Esquire and Loaded. The only female in the joint is the one who delivers the coffee. It looks like a late 1980s cocktail bar, all black, chrome and leather, and testosterone fills the air. All of this would be meaningless if it weren't for the great cuts to be had here. The guys know their trade and ply it with nonchalant ease. It's also surprisingly reasonable - wash, cut and dry 7.60. Be sure to phone in advance, appointments are rarely instant.

Queen's Road, Clifton, BS8.
Tel 921 5301x 269, x270

Inside the Dingles branch of the House of Fraser store. Modern Salon for young people, which also offers a full range of health and beauty services. You can walk in between lectures, although appointments can be made in advance, if they are busy try the cafe upstairs. The salon staff are trained in putting hair up and the type of extravagant styling which makes you stand out at Balls. Downstairs Dingles has the best make-up counters outside of the town centre. Good offers to students (20% NUS discounts).

Loose Enz
Tel 9735 837
Cotham Hill, Cotham, BS6.
A good unisex salon run by a Bristol couple with some Italian blood in the family. Especially useful in a hurry before job interviews because they nearly always have free slots. Clifton Beauty, the upstairs beauty salon has now moved down the road into larger and smarter premises, but has kept the same excellent standards. They are very friendly too, and popular with, students. All prices are reasonable, and there are regular changing student offers, so don't worry if you don't get a discount with your NUS card.

Tel 973 8496
Blackboy Hill, Clifton, BS8.
Italian barbers with a traditional atmosphere. 4 for a dry trim. Good location on the route back to Stoke Bishop Halls. No appointment system, so drop in on the way back from lectures.

Mr Swanton's Barber Shop
Tel 9736 157
3 Bruton Place, Clifton, BS8.
Clifton's traditional Victorian English barbers for young gentlemen. Barbers chairs, men's accessories, shaving lotions and excellent coffee. The smartly dressed barbers are very well trained and can turn even the most grunge-worthy student into a graduate. Around Christmas you may even get a free mug of beer with your cut. Be sure to book first as they are popular with the city office crew as well as the Clifton sect.

Austen Hair and Beauty Salon
Tel 9739 475
4 Bruton Place, Clifton, BS8
Light, relaxed salon with helpful staff who know their stuff. Beauty treatments also available. Fairly busy so you need to book. 10% student discount with NUS card.

Eleni Pellegrino
Tel 9273 024
138 St Michael's Hill
Very small, stylish salon and relatively expensive. The staff are very friendly. You'll need to book far in advance.