Dance in and around Bristol

"The Folk Companions" & "Turnberrie Castle"

Dance Voice - Dance and Movement in Therapy and Education.

Bristol Community Dance Centre - Lessons and performances.

Bristol Fashion Folk Dancers
Bristol Fashion perform social dances drawn from traditional, Playford style and contempory dance collections and English, Welsh and American sources. We practice between September and June at the Trust Hall, Stoke Gifford, Bristol, England, from 8.00 p.m. onwards and appear at festivals, fetes and out on the streets, busking.

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Pigsty Morris
Pigsty Morris, based in Bishopston on Pigsty Hill, is now welcoming new members. If you have done any kind of dancing before, or can play a musical instrument, or can just keep a rhythm in your head, and would like to join a bunch of friendly and welcoming people and most importantly, have a lot of fun, then look no further for your new autumn activity. In the summer the team dances at pubs and other venues.

Rag Morris
We are a youthful (and musical) side, formed in 1981 from members of Bristol University Morris Men and Whiteladies Morris. Bristol, England, is our home. We perform our own exuberant versions of traditional English morris dances, with hankies, sticks and even swords, regularly throughout the year, at festivals, pubs and special occasions.

Club Cabana
0117 985 5086
Latin American dance nights. Classes for beginners, intermediates and improvers. Ring for more details.

Tango Alchemy - Classes in Tango Argentino for everyone from beginners through to advanced. Taught by Eduardo Bozzo from Buenos Aires. Email:

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Northern Ballet Theatre

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